Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed

Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed Deringer's LCL consolidation services from China offer a cost-effective and quick alternative to FCL shipments. Our Shanghai LCL consol solution includes Customs brokerage and on-carriage to nearly any destination in the US and parts of Canada.

In today’s competitive business environment, the timely movement of information is as critical to your company’s success as the movement of your cargo. Security issues, increased competition, and rising consumer expectations are all raising the bar with respect to supply chain efficiency. At Deringer, we invest heavily in information technology to ensure that your supply chain moves at peak efficiency.

eShipPartner® Invoice, eManifest, & Analytics

eShipPartner® Invoice helps Deringer's clients navigate increasingly complex regulatory environments. This innovative software tool is specifically designed to eliminate paperwork and expedite your international shipments to the US. eShipPartner® Analytics gives Deringer clients the ability to run reports on their brokerage activity and volume with easy access to their imaged records.


eShipPartner® Warehouse Manager

With the ease and flexibility of eShipPartner® Warehouse Manager, you have access to a comprehensive, customizable, end-to-end inventory tracking, order entry and tracking system.


Importer Security Filing

Deringer’s electronic solution to satisfy the Importer Security Filing (ISF) requirements not only ensures the submission of required data elements in a timely and compliant manner, but also helps manage the data in a central location, as well as add visibility to supply chains.


Invoice Gateway™ by BillTrust®

Invoice Gateway™ gives customers the ability to access and print their invoices, backup, memo bills, and statements through a user-friendly website. Both new and unpaid invoices will be available on the site.


eShipPartner® Tracking & Tracing

Deringer’s web-based eShipPartner® Tracking and Tracing application provides our partners with remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a variety of shipment tracking data and related shipping documents.


eShipPartner® DocWare

Deringer designed eShipPartner® DocWare to help companies readily create consistent, easy to read, professional Customs documents. With eShipPartner® DocWare you spend more time running your business rather than filling out Customs paperwork.


eManifest (standalone system)

Deringer’s eManifest (electronic manifest) solution eases the burden of submitting the many data elements required by the US and Canadian Customs agencies. Two packages provide carriers with different user-friendly solutions to transmit the required information.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Deringer offers full systems integration for customs brokerage, and warehousing and distribution services.