Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed

Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed Deringer's LCL consolidation services from China offer a cost-effective and quick alternative to FCL shipments. Our Shanghai LCL consol solution includes Customs brokerage and on-carriage to nearly any destination in the US and parts of Canada.

About eShipPartner® Supply Chain Manager

In today’s competitive business environment, the efficient movement and management of information is as critical to your company’s success as the timely delivery of goods to your customers. Deringer’s suite of eCommerce tools provides you with valuable, real-time information about your shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the power of eShipPartner’s® Supply Chain Manager, you have complete control of your supply chain from the generation of the purchase order through final delivery to your customer’s door. This robust tool minimizes disruptions to your value chain by facilitating collaboration among key stakeholders including buyers, suppliers, carriers, export and import forwarders, NVOCCs, and Customs house brokers. Information and a series of actions link global trade partners into a single, continuous supply chain.

  • Assign access to various trade partners via Deringer website
  • Send and receive POs via EDI
  • Review and approve SLIs allowing buyer and supplier to collaborate
  • Track the movement of goods from point of origin to final destination
    • Verify receipt of cargo by carriers
    • Arrange for the delivery of your freight to consignee and generate a POD
    • View ABI updates to determine status with CBP
  • Facilitate payment of freight based on ASN
  • Proactive email notification by major milestone

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