About eShipPartner® Tracking & Tracing

Deringer’s web-based eShipPartner® Tracking and Tracing application provides our partners with remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a variety of shipment tracking data and related shipping documents.  Using eShipPartner® eVent, customers can enhance their tracking data by automatically receiving emails regarding their shipment at key points during its journey.

As information about your shipment is updated in Deringer’s database, the detailed shipment tracking data is extracted and downloaded to the internet.  Deringer’s clients will receive a unique user ID and password that will facilitate access to the Internet tracking page.  The shipment tracking tool is very flexible, as it allows users to select from a predefined list, or generate customized queries.  The system retains shipment information for 120 days.  Deringer’s real-time tracking and tracing tool enables you to download shipment data in flat file or HTML format for use with your own applications and reporting tools.  Furthermore, should you require having the information delivered proactively to your desktop, Deringer also has the ability to directly email the results to you.

The eShipPartner® eVent component of Deringer's tracking and tracing package allows clients to receive automated emails about the progress of their shipments.  Clients can choose which events during their shipment's journey trigger an eVent message.  eVents can be sent for FDA release information, delivery orders, shipment holds, and other events during the shipping process.  The eVent tool queries Deringer's system for specific information received from Customs' ABI message system.  Information found is automatically sent to the customer, so customers can receive information in real time without having to pick up the phone.

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