Strict Customs regulations and other government agencies’ regulatory controls have tightened the security measures and operational procedures that comprise today’s arena of international trade.  Staying compliant with new rules and adhering to new guidelines can prove challenging; however, staying competitive requires a smooth supply chain.

Developing a reliable and cost-effective supply chain means avoiding penalties and delays associated with non-compliance, capitalizing on duty reduction opportunities and participating in security-focused programs.  Frequent changes in US import and export laws and stringent enforcement of shipment technicalities such as Customs valuation, classification, and NAFTA, administered by an array of federal agencies, have created additional complexities for importers and exporters, who have a legal responsibility to adhere to these evolving doctrines.  Whether importing or exporting, the consequences of non-compliance can include costly penalties, civil claims, adverse publicity, shipping delays and the retroactive assessment of duties.

Deringer Logistics Consulting Group (DLCG) is an international trade consultant group that provides its clients with professional support and expertise through a full complement of regulatory and logistics consulting services.  Our consulting and advisory services are customized to meet your needs, bringing together specialized experts in logistics compliance, Customs, financial/audit services, legal representation and advocacy.  DLCG prepares clients to successfully compete in world markets by offering discerning regulatory compliance advice on matters relating to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), CF28, CF29, and focused assessments to name a few.