Focused Assessment Preparation

Deringer Logistics Consulting Group (DLCG) can help you prepare for a Customs assessment before it happens and can even train your staff to conduct their own assessments.

Questions for importers to consider:

  1. Do you have a compliance handbook as “suggested” by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)?
  2. Do your employees handling Customs processes have formal and ongoing training?
  3. Do you employ Customs experts?
  4. Have you had any “requests for information” from CBP?
  5. Has CBP issued any suggested action or action taken notices to you?
  6. Has your number of imports increased over the past few years?
  7. Do you self-audit your Customs business?
  8. Do you know your compliance rate?
  9. Could you pass a formal Customs Compliance Assessment?
  10. Are you familiar with the Reasonable Care handbook?
  11. Are you familiar with the (a)(1)(A) list and retain records in accordance with it?

Regulations state that importers must use “reasonable care” in conducting their Customs business, and reasonable care encompasses all of the above areas plus more.  CBP has been mandated to conduct Compliance Assessments on importers to assure they are using reasonable care.  They are doing just that—working from the largest to smallest importers and targeting those with known or perceived issues first, regardless of size. During a Customs Compliance Assessment, a team of Customs auditors and Import Specialists conduct a review of your Customs business.  At minimum, violations found can lead to CBP’s continued involvement and mandated changes to your Customs program for months to well over a year and duty tenders required for any errors.  Heavier recourse can involve large penalties and, in the extreme, criminal penalties for knowingly falsifying Customs documents.

Based upon your needs, desires, and financial resources, DLCG can work with you and tailor a plan that is right for you—from a one-day “quick review” to conducting the same compliance assessment that Customs would conduct with the goal of finding issues and offering solutions before Customs finds them.  DLCG will gladly work with you to help you fulfill your obligation to conduct your business using reasonable care.  Often we can find cost savings, helping to save you money now and in the long term.  Our reviews document weaknesses, offer possible solutions, and give you the flexibility of addressing the issues in-house, alone or with our help.  We can help draft new procedures, train existing or new employees, and interface with CBP in any Customs related issues.  We can offer continued support for all of your compliance related needs.

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