Trade Agreements Eligibility

Special trade programs such as NAFTA, CAFTA, Civil Air, etc., are voluntary programs with the potential to minimize your financial obligations for duty.  However, you should ask yourself several questions before jumping in with both feet:

  1. Are you fully comfortable with the special programs requirements?
  2. Is the person signing a special agreement form, such as the NAFTA certificate, doing exactly what the form states they are doing?
  3. Are you aware of the penalties for false declarations or simple errors?
  4. Is there a procedure in place to review your claims for accuracy?
  5. Are your documents being maintained as required?
  6. If you are accepting claims from others, have you reviewed their paperwork for reasonableness?

Special Trade Programs, such as NAFTA, have become more popular and widely used.  While these programs are very attractive in reducing duty liability, they require diligence with regard to eligibility, recordkeeping, and managing changing requirements.  With a commitment to implementing a proactive approach to duty preference programs, Deringer Logistics Consulting Group (DLCG) understands the intricacies of trade agreements and the potential exposure to retroactive duties, taxes, interest, and penalties.  These programs demand a high level of knowledge relating to eligibility, regulatory rules and correlating procedures.  DLCG offers their full expertise in the management of NAFTA, CAFTA, the Chile Free Trade Agreement, Civil Air, and many other programs by establishing policies and procedures for importers that will ensure smooth, efficient business strategies.  Additionally, we offer training on how to implement and run these programs, auditing your claims and the claims of those you accept, as well as other criteria.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in qualifying your goods or new products for preference criterion based on trade agreements
  • Validate claims under NAFTA and other trade agreements are accurate
  • Cursory review of trade agreement paperwork for areas of concern
  • Management of trade agreement information in a centralized database, allowing clients to easily add or delete information on their certificates by contacting one office
  • Certificates are stored electronically and in hard copy for the five year statutory time period required.

For more information on how DLCG can help your company ensure that you are meeting the Reasonable Care standards, as required by the Modernization Act, please call 518-298-8281 or send an email to