Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed

Deringer's LCL Consolidation Services Deliver Speed Deringer's LCL consolidation services from China offer a cost-effective and quick alternative to FCL shipments. Our Shanghai LCL consol solution includes Customs brokerage and on-carriage to nearly any destination in the US and parts of Canada.

North American Transportation

Deringer's North American trucking solutions ensure that shipments reach their destination without delay.  Providing a full service transportation solution throughout North America, Deringer can deliver to most locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  With Deringer’s dedicated truck fleet for US/Canada movements and the Deringer Dispatch ground transportation program, customers benefit from reduced transportation costs, on-time delivery, and dependable service.

Deringer's Cross Border Express service provides pickup and delivery of LTL freight through six major US/Canada gateways.  Cross Border Express services:

  • I-5 corridor to/from Vancouver
  • I-75 and I-90 corridors to/from Toronto
  • I-87 and I-89 corridors to/from Montreal,
  • I-95 corridor to/from Quebec City and the Maritime provinces

Freight moves on Deringer’s dedicated US/Canada trucking fleet, offering door-to-door pickup and delivery, US and Canadian eManifest, Customs clearance, consolidation and deconsolidation, reverse logistics, and real-time tracking ability.  Using Deringer for northbound and southbound trucking as well as Customs clearance creates supply chain efficiencies, reduced order-to-fulfillment time, and realized cost savings.

Deringer Dispatch allows companies to focus on driving their bottom line instead of negotiating rates and tracking shipments, offering ground transportation at premium rates with on-time delivery to points throughout North America.  Using vetted partnerships with national and regional common carriers, trucking companies, and owner operators, carriage can be arranged for full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), and intermodal transportation.  Additionally, a full array of equipment (e.g., vans, drop-decks, flat-beds, etc.) is available to meet nearly any need.  Dedicated transportation specialists arrange freight pickup and delivery, finding the best transportation options at competitive rates.  Deringer Dispatch is more than a truck broker, it’s a trucking solution that finds the right transportation to meet your unique transportation needs.