USDA Meat Inspection

Deringer operates full-service import and export meat inspection facilities in Sweetgrass, MT and Champlain, NY. These facilities have on-site United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors and are located only minutes from the US/Canada border. Deringer coordinates and monitors all legal requirements including labeling and documentation on your behalf.  Once your shipment clears Customs, Deringer professionals continue to track it to ensure that it is not subject to “failure to present” penalties by the USDA and that it reaches the final destination in a timely manner.

To arrange for USDA meat inspection, or for questions regarding USDA meat inspection, please contact:

Lori Langlois, Meat Inspection Supervisor, Champlain, NY: 518-298-7465
Tim Pickering, Meat Inspection Supervisor, Sweetgrass, MT: 406-335-2342