About Deringer

Imagine for a moment, a truly unique logistics partner.  No voice mail.  No large, single processing center for shipments and inquiries.  Local representation by more than 30 customer service centers strategically located along the northern border and at major air and vessel ports of entry to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Easy access to the President and members of the company’s leadership team.  Commitment to ensuring the sustained success of its business partners.  Welcome to the Deringer Difference.

When you select Deringer as your supply chain partner, you can trust that your business is in the hands of dedicated, knowledgeable Customs brokerage and logistics professionals, who are vested in carrying on the company’s legacy of exceptional customer service.

Deringer delivers ongoing value by taking the time to understand your evolving business needs and forging long term partnerships. Our caring people work with you to develop tailored solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce overall supply chain costs, and manage risk associated with global trade.   

Sustained by a corporate culture that fosters accountability, collaboration, and trust, Deringer’s core values pervade the company.  Deringer's core values manifest themselves in many ways including a strong adherence to regulatory compliance, continued investment in “best of breed” technologies, and hiring and retaining an outstanding team of international logistics professionals.

Founded in 1919 by Alfred Neel Deringer, our privately held corporation employs more than 400 supply chain professionals in North America of which 50 percent are professionally licensed as either US or Canadian Customs Brokers or carry other specialized certifications.  As one of the largest, privately held Customs brokers in North America, Deringer helps deliver value to you and your customers by providing integrated supply chain solutions including Customs brokerage, international transportation, warehousing and distribution, Customs compliance consulting, cargo insurance, and USDA meat inspection.

Since its inception, A.N. Deringer, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth while avoiding some of the problems other third-party logistics (3PL) companies have endured because of mergers and acquisitions (e.g., downsizing, integration of redundant employees and facilities, changes in leadership, etc.).  Our service centers are located from coast-to-coast, at major air & vessel ports, and are complemented by a global partnership network to facilitate the movement of cargo throughout our primary markets of North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.