Deringer’s eManifest (electronic manifest) solution eases the burden of submitting the many data elements required by the US and Canadian Customs agencies.  Two packages provide carriers with different user-friendly solutions to transmit the required information.  Carriers can choose to enter the manifest data themselves using a secure, user-friendly online tool or have Deringer personnel enter and transmit the data on their behalf.

For more information on Deringer's eManifest capabilities, please send an email to emanifest@anderinger.com.

Access eManifest (For carriers choosing to enter manifest data themselves)

Alternatively, eShipPartner® Invoice, eManifest, & Analytics provides Deringer's clients with one online tool to automate Customs paperwork, file ACE/ACI eManifests, and access Customs metrics and reports.

Access eShipPartner® Invoice, eManifest, & Analytics