Other Services

Deringer Logistics Consulting Group (DLCG) is committed to customizing our services to meet your specific needs, bringing together experts in import and export compliance, Customs related audit services, professional representation before Customs and other government agencies, and research services.  Some of our diverse service offering includes, but are not limited to:

Compliance Program Development and Staff Training
DLCG can help your organization acquire, understand, and use cutting edge knowledge of international trade topics, accelerating your competitive advantage well into the future.  Customized on-site or electronic training, general and industry specific seminars, as well as performance support and analysis are all part of DLCG’s acclaimed education and instructional programs.  The key to any compliance program is knowledge of where you are, where you need to be, and a plan of how to get there.  We can assess your current practices, report the results, make recommendations, and help implement necessary and agreed to changes.

Reconciliation Assistance
CBP offers a program that allows importers to flag entries at the time of summary when certain required information is not known at that time.  Importers can make changes to those entries, well after the fact, when the information is available without penalty.  To utilize this program, importers must predetermine the type of products and issues that may require reconciliation.  DLCG works with our clients to determine if reconciliation is right for you.  If reconciliation is a good fit, DLCG helps to set up the program and establish procedures to ensure the proper rules for entry are established.  DLCG manages and develops reconciliation programs by completing the necessary application, assessing the reconcilable issues, preparing the spreadsheets, and filing the reconciliation entry with CBP.

Companies voluntarily participating in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program enjoy significant benefits including reduced physical inspections, quicker release of goods, inspection priority, expedited release in cases of national emergencies, etc., with the addition of more benefits anticipated over time.

DLCG has helped hundreds of companies conduct self-assessments of their security profile and assess the integrity of their entire supply chain process, a necessary first step in C-TPAT registration.  A comprehensive DLCG security supply chain assessment program enables clients to measure their compliance before applying for membership in C-TPAT and achieve a demonstrable level of confidence in their security procedures.  We understand that every client situation is unique and have structured our service offerings with a level of flexibility to correspond with specific client requirements.  Services can be scaled from completing most of the work themselves with minimal but necessary input from us to DLCG completing the majority of the work independently or with input throughout the process.

Clients can use DLCG certification services as a complete and comprehensive compliance roadmap or choose from a menu of specific measures as part of a modular approach, including:

  • Application and security reviews
  • Preparation of security profile for CBP
  • Security questionnaire development & documentation
  • Staff education
  • Pre-validation review and representation

For more information on how DLCG can help your company and ensure that you are meeting the Reasonable Care standards as required by the Modernization Act, or just for the peace of mind in knowing your Customs function is efficient and cost effective, please call us at 518-298-8281 to speak with a Senior Trade Advisor or email us at consulting@anderinger.com.