Cargo Insurance

One of the largest oversights in shipping, both internationally and domestically, is assuming the transporter of goods is fully liable for physical loss or damage to the goods.  Unfortunately, the importance of insurance is often realized after a costly incident occurs when shippers can be liable for much more than the cost of their own goods.

Deringer can arrange a comprehensive cargo insurance package that protects shippers against the hazards inherent to every supply chain. The robust coverage provided by Deringer’s All Risk Insurance policy can provide transit insurance and warehouse storage insurance, both with enhanced clauses not found in most shippers’ cargo policies. Failure to have coverage that includes the enhanced clauses can leave insurance gaps that expose shippers to the cost of loss or damages to more than their own goods. Shippers are often mistaken—believing that declared value is used for calculating insurance from the carrier, not realizing that carriers are not responsible for Acts of God, Acts of War, or any damage outside their control.

Benefits of Deringer-provided cargo insurance:

  • Enhanced policy with unique clauses to protect 100% of your transit exposure
  • Minimizes your transportation-related risks
  • Coverage specific to your needs
  • Prompt & efficient claims settlements
  • Competitive rates
  • Door-to-door single source coverage