To help expedite the shipment of goods, Deringer has provided a variety of forms.  Adobe Acrobat Reader, or the Acrobat Browser plug-in, is required to view and print some of these forms. These are available for free from the Adobe website.

Forms for New Customers
General Shipping Forms
FDA, FWS, FCC, & Food Related Shipments Forms
USDA Forms
US Goods Returned Forms
Textile & Footwear-Related Forms
EPA, Vehicle, Vehicle Parts & Vessel Importation/Exportation Forms
Transportation Bond Forms
Non-Resident Importer Forms Canadian Government Forms
Canadian Government Forms
Other Forms

Forms for New Customers
Please email completed forms to  To set up a new account, a copy of a business card is required for all parties signing the Power of Attorney (POA).  This allows Deringer to securely process your POA.  Completion of a bond application is only necessary for customers wishing to purchase an annual continuous bond.

New Customer Information/Credit Application

Power of Attorney - Importing & Exporting

Bond Application*
Power of Attorney, Authorizing Sub-Agent

* Completion of a bond application is only necessary for customers wishing to purchase an annual, continuous bond.
** New customers are not required to complete a "Power of Attorney, Authorizing Sub-Agent" unless Deringer will be processing entries on behalf of another US broker.

General Shipping Forms
Combination Invoice Form

Importer Security Filing "10+2" Template

Shipping Instructions Manifest

Shipper's Letter of Instructions
Certificate of Origin
eManifest Template
NAFTA Certificate of Origin Form and Instructions
NAFTA Certificate of Origin Continuation Sheet
ACH Debit Application, ACH Information & Periodic Monthly Statement Information

FCC, FDA, FWS, and Food Related Forms (USDA listed separately)
FDA US Agency Agreement & Annex I
FDA: Prior Notice Form & Instructions
FDA: Declaration for Imported Electronic Products, FDA-2877
FCC: Statement Regarding Importation of RF Devices, FCC 740
FWS: Declaration for Import or Export of Fish or Wildlife, FWS 3-177
DOS: Shrimp Exporters' and Importers' Declaration, DS-2031

USDA Forms

USDA: APHIS Declaration of Importation, VS17-29

USDA: APHIS, Lacey Act, Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form, PPQ 505, Supplemental Form,  and Scientific Name look up tool
USDA: APHIS, Veterinary Services, Application for Import, VS17-129

USDA: APHIS, Tomato Certificate of Origin

USDA: APHIS,Fresh Peppers Certificate of Origin

USDA: Import Inspection Application & Report, FSIS9540-1

USDA: Notification of Intent to Import Meat, Poultry or Egg Products, FSIS9540-5

US Goods Returned Forms
USGR Foreign Shipper Declaration

USGR Declaration by Owner, Importer, or Consignee Declaration

Declaration for Free Entry of Returned US Products, CBP3311
Affidavit of Manufacture

Textile & Footwear-Related Forms

Textile Declaration
Textile Master Invoice
Invoice Details for Footwear, CBP5523

EPA, Vehicle, Vehicle Parts and Vessel Importation/Exportation Forms
DOT: Declaration, Importation of Motor Vehicles, DOT HS7

EPA: Motor Vehicle Declaration Form, EPA 3520-1
Vehicle Export Cover Sheet
Bearing Additional Information Form
Inward Cargo Manifest for Vessels Under 5 Tons, CBP7533
EPA: Non-Road Declaration Form, EPA 3520-21

EPA: TSCA Import Form

EPA: Motor Vehicle Declaration Form, EPA 3520-1 (Fillable)

Transportation Bond Forms
Application for Exportation of Articles Under Special Bond, CBP3495

Application for TIB Extension, CBP3173

Non-Resident Importer Forms
Non-Resident Threshold Form
Bond for Non-Resident Person Without a Permanent Establishment in Canada, GST114(09)

Canadian Government Forms
Canadian Invoice Form
& Instructions
Request for Business Number
Request for Release, CFIA 5272

Other Forms
Certificate of Registration, CBP4455
Delivery Ticket, CBP6043
Merchandise Duty Free, Carrier's Cert And Release, CBP7523
Notice of Intent to Export, CBP7553
Non-Reimbursement Certificate - Blanket
Certificate of Marking by Importer
Repair or Alteration Declaration, HTS 9802
Importer Declaration of Softwood Lumber
Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, CBP3299
Declaration of Owner for Merchandise Pursuant to Purchase, CBP3347